About Us

aboutusimageOxistop International, Specialized Coating Systems is the exclusive distributor and applicator of the Procera™ line of ceramic coatings for the fossil fuel power generation and traditional refractory markets. The coatings are installed directly onto the boiler tube—along with stopping corrosion of the tube fireside surface, the coatings provide protection from fly ash and soot blower erosion.

Procera™ Metal Coating—Green (McG) Series is a premium grade ceramic coating material that provides protection against tube corrosion and slagging in the power generation markets. Procera™ McG coatings enhances heat transfer by preventing an iron oxide formation and keeping the tube clean from fuel combustion byproduct buildup on the tube. Procera™ McG coatings are non-catalytic in nature, resulting is an significant decrease in residue and slag buildup on tube surfaces. Procera™ coatings have been marketed and installed, by Oxistop International, since June of 2004. Oxistop’s Procera™ McG series of coating solutions have been proven to minimize or stop the damage caused by the power utility industries destructive conditions while enhancing heat transfer rate.

familyFamily Based Commitment of Oxistop International for the Future
  • Natural Resources (Fossil Fuels): Preserved and Extended Availability
  • Global Warming Issues: Addressed through Lower FEGT and Stack Temperatures as a Result of Greater Absorption Rates
  • Pollution: Air and Particulate Emissions Reduced


To be the world's leading innovator in energy enhancement and conservation technologies, by providing solutions resulting in industrial and economical benefits to our customers and the environment. We are committed to satisfying our customers, developing quality relationships with our business partners and supporting the family values of our employees.