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prbTim Batton, President of OXISTOP® LLC and John H. Kline, NRG, Huntley Power, LLC, Boiler Tech Services Engineer gave a presentation on “A Technical Paper:
OXISTOP Coatings—For Boiler Tube Maintenance
” at the PRB COAL USERS’ GROUP at the ELECTRIC POWER 2008 Conference. (May 6-8, 2008—Baltimore, Maryland at the Baltimore Convention Center)

08 PRBCUG – Oxistop
5/7/2008 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM
Session Description:
Oxistop coatings have been marketed and installed in the power utility industry since June of 2004. They are a ceramic coating installed directly to the boiler tube, 4-6 mils thick, and in addition to stopping corrosion of the tube fireside surface, provide protection from fly ash and soot blower (in this case, lack of) erosion. The coating enhances heat transfer by preventing iron oxide formation and keeping the tube clean from fuel combustion by-product buildup on the tube as a result of being non-catalytic in nature. The coating has a high emissivity value of .94, greater than the tube itself. Oxistop coatings have proven very affective in minimizing prb coal reflective flyash buildup and pays for itself in a very short period of time by recovering lost power output capacity. John Kline (NRG-Huntley Station) will detail his experiences with the coating materials and through carefull comparison to accurate base line data that will document increased and sustained power output improvement on two twin furnace 192 mw boilers, reduced watercannon activity, substatial lowing of fegt all while burning slightly less prb coal in each application. The initial installation was done in April of 2006, continuing to perform as expected.


Session Chairperson Greg Krieser, Plant Manager North Omaha Station – Omaha Public Power District


Speakers John Kline, Boiler Tech Services Engineer NRG – Huntley Station


Tim Batton, President and Senior Managing Partner Oxistop, LLC


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