Oxistop's Technical Paper Accepted by Electric Power 2007

Written by adminDP on October 1, 2006. Posted in Press Releases

Tim Batton, President of OXISTOP® LLC, gave a presentation on the technical paper OXISTOP Coatings—For Boiler Tube Maintenance at the EPRI International Conference on Advances in Condition and Remaining Life Assessment for Fossil Power Plants! during October 16 – 18, 2006 (Louisville, Kentucky)

OXISTOP® LLC’s technical paper: A Technical Paper: OXISTOP Coatings—For Boiler Tube Maintenance was accepted for presentation at the ELECTRIC POWER 2007: Where the GenCo’s Meet The Power Industry’s Topical – Informative – Interactive Conference & Exhibition. Tim Batton, President of OXISTOP® LLC, will be giving a presentation on the technical paper at the conference during May 1 — 3, 2007 (Chicago, Illinois)


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