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ProceamcGBannerOXISTOP International, the “Specialized Coating Systems Company”

Oxistop International is the exclusive distributor and applicator of the Procera™ line of ceramic coatings for energy enhancement and conservation technologies in the electric power industry.

As a company, OXISTOP International understands the importance of quality control of both the manufacturing and the installation processes.

…Our goal as a company is to provide the best industrial ceramic coatings for both boiler tube maintenance; and pipe insulating/personnel protection, while always looking for new solutions and improving the existing ones. Procera™ coatings have been enhanced for power utility use and have provided a wide range of proven historical benefits.

In May of 2007, Oxistop International, was formed to process the interest and demand for oxistop products internationally.

These markets currently experience premature failure and high maintenance costs related to maintaining key components.

Power generated from fossil fuel combustion relies on boiler tube integrity. Boiler tube failure can be attributed to the destructive natures of oxidation, corrosion, erosion and abrasion.

These issues are becoming increasingly important due to changing worldwide demand and emissions regulations.

At a fraction of the cost of the current alternatives, the PROCERA™ line of coating materials has been proven to stop or minimize the damage caused by these destructive conditions. Boiler tubes coated with PROCERA™ materials will maintain optimum heat transfer, into boiler water wall tubes. PROCERA™ products are also non-catalytic, resulting in a significant decrease in residue and slag buildup on tube surfaces.

Procera™ coatings have provided a wide range of proven benefits historically and have been enhanced for power utility use. As a company, Oxistop understands the importance of quality control of both the manufacturing and installation processes. A challenge for Procera™ coatings is to change the industry’s mindset regarding boiler tube maintenance solutions including the exclusive use of mechanical approaches to improving boiler efficiencies and reliability.


PROCERA McG COATING materials will:

  • reduce the oxidation of metals at high temperatures
  • improve the temperature uniformity of boiler water wall tubes
  • reduce the abrasive wear of fly ash on boiler tubes
  • reduce the build-up of combustion by-products in pulverized coal burning boilers
  • improve heat transfer into boiler water wall tubes
  • demonstrate excellent corrosion and acid resistance at high temperatures


To be the world's leading innovator in energy enhancement and conservation technologies, by providing solutions resulting in industrial and economical benefits to our customers and the environment. We are committed to satisfying our customers, developing quality relationships with our business partners and supporting the family values of our employees.